Language Documentation

Academic resources for Ethno-arts in Nigeria

This post is a quick review of the ethno-arts literature before a general language documentation project in Northern Nigeria.

Useful or not?

Open draft! Last updated on March 21, 2013 at 3:38 am.

The online version of the SIL Bibliography contains a subset of over 29,000 citations from the more than 40,000 publications representing 75 years of SIL International’s language research in over 2,700 languages. (( SIL Bibliography Online. April 2012 version. SIL International on [Accessed: 21 August 2012] [Link] ))

Finding Resources through’s (as of 2 August 2012) Bibliography can be a challenge at times - Maybe even a time-wasting endeavor. Time wasting because it might not be very useful to consult the online Bibliography.

The challenging aspect which affects usefulness is primarily three fold:

  1. Items known by SIL to have been created by SIL staff may or may not be listed. (The on-line Bibliography is a sub-set.)
  2. Items listed in the Bibliography may or may not have digitally accessible resources.
  3. Items created by SIL staff may or may not be in the bibliography because they have not been submitted to the Language and Culture Archive (managing division of the SIL Bibliography).