Comparing Relative Typing Difficulties Across Languages Using Corpora

A Presentation of a methodology for using parallel corpora to compare typing experiences.

The Open Language Archives Community (OLAC) for Ethnolinguistic Collections

Presenting OLAC for Audio Archivists

Audio Artifacts in Language Archives: From Cataloguing to Referencing and Citation

A review of the arrangement of audio artifacts in three different collections, each at a different language archive.

XLingPaper’s use of TeX Technologies

A Presentation of the TeX technoliges supporting PDF export in XLingPaper

Reported Speech in Western Subanon

We analysed several texts of Western Subanon and presented their results.

Resource Discovery at the Linguistic Lab Level

By participating in OLAC, Linguistic Labs can advertise their services and their products. This can raise the profile of the entire lab.

Introduction to the JOHD special collection “Language Documentation: Assessment and Recognition”

Introduction to the JOHD special collection “Language Documentation: Assessment and Recognition”

Language Archive Records: Interoperability of Referencing Practices and Metadata Models

SIL-UND M.A. Thesis Defense where I discuss some sailent related to the ability to easily re-use archival metadata records to produce references in scholarly publications.

From CV to OLAC

I demonstrate how a researcher can use their personal website to advertise their publications and presentations in OLAC. I use open source technologies to take markdown files and convert them into a compliant XML feed. The result is greater exposure of one’s academic experience to those looking for language resources.

From Archive to Citation

I present an overview of the kinds of challenges that authors have when they try to import metadata from archives into Zotero, where they will later use the data to craft references and citations.