Archives not Participating in OLAC

Background of the paper

OLAC is the Open Language Archive Community. This is a community of digital data collections which aggregate their holdings data to a common place so that linguists can view the data by a variety of parameters which are relevant to linguists. The two major parts of OLAC are the aggregator and a metadata standard. The metadata standard is OAI compliant and pairs well with Dublin Core. It has been well represented in the relevant literature, including the citations listed below. One thing we see is that very few (only two) libraries have joined in the aggregation of their holdings. Further there are very few if any archives which have been around prior to the digital age. Also absent are the any of the plethora of digital repositories which are present in a growing number of institutions around the world. The linked paper presented here is a list of archives which would benefit from advertising their collections via OLAC.

OLAC in the literature

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