Legal issues in linguistics, Language Documentation & Language Development

This project started out with a personal interest in the variation of copyright law as it is applied to language documentation materials from a global perspective (different location and different citizens). This was percieved as important for global nomads who engage in linguistic tourism, and who believe in archiving data. Some simple investagation has shown that there is a lot more than ‘just copyright’ which impacts the multi-laterial relationship(s) between the law and legal policy, the vitality of languages, and the availability of linguistic or language based resources. Several collaborations and discussions have bennefitted from this research. Ultimatly the results of this research should be in a browsable database, not in some sort of publication.

Investigation and design is still ongoing, but a rough sketch is provided.

Leagal item browser for language impact

Hugh Paterson III
Hugh Paterson III

My research interests typological patterns in articulatory phonetics; User Expereince design in language tools; and graph theory applied to language and linguistics.