Enriching Library and Archival Records with Ethnolinguistics Minority Language Identification

A short discussion of the kinds of problems I am looking to solve in though my PhD program.

Language, Script, Orthography, and Text-input: Rating Text-input Difficulty Across Languages

A presentation of a looking at various factors for establishing a meaningful cross-language evaluation of text input tools.

Resource Discovery at the Linguistic Lab Level

By participating in OLAC, Linguistic Labs can advertise their services and their products. This can raise the profile of the entire lab.

Archives: Features without a business plan

We argue that language archives need to revise their business plans to stay relevant with the academic market and data ecology practices of their data consumers.

Language Archiving and Data Ecology

A look at the archival of lexicons and what scholars think is an “archive”.

Lasting Linguistics: Making a Meaningful Mark

This was three mini-presentations on language documentation.

Repair Strategies Used with the Interdental Approximant in Some Philippine Languages

Note: The slides in this presentation were very similar to those used at ICAL-11 which was mostly the same presentation. This one took on a bit more of an Opimality Theory flavor.