Privacy Policy

In terms of privacy and third party awarness of visitor access on my website… I use Google Analytics, I host via Github, I use a DNS tool. So there are digital traces of communication accessible to those infastructure providers. I do from time to time look at my Google Analytics to make adjustments to the indexing of my site. I don’t allow commenting via my site and I don’t, as far as I know, have access to personal data (Google doesn’t show me IP addresses and I am not fingerprinting browsers). I don’t share this data with any other parties.

Regarding my privacy, I share things here in good faith that they might be helpful to others, it is not my intent to be shameful or destructive so please use my content in this regard. Please use the ideas presented here in productive and uplifiting ways. If you want to use, redistribute, modify, repost, the text or images from my content, please contact me before using them.