University of Oregon

Regulating the Data Market: The Material Scope of American Consumer Data Privacy Law

A comparison and discssion of US State Privacy Laws.

Regulating the US Consumer Data Market: Comparing the Material Scope of US Consumer Data Privacy Laws and the GDPR

Privacy laws in the USA, are they different from GDPR?

Language, Script, Orthography, and Text-input: Rating Text-input Difficulty Across Languages

A presentation of a looking at various factors for establishing a meaningful cross-language evaluation of text input tools.

Media Rights for Organizations

This whitepaper is a basic introduction to legal concerns organizations which produce media should address. It addresses copyright, and creative commons licenses.

Toward a Comprehensive Data Privacy Law for Oregonians

A research undertaking at the U of O to look at privacy policy within the United States and gaps in the framework as it is experienced in Oregon.

Archives: Features without a business plan

We argue that language archives need to revise their business plans to stay relevant with the academic market and data ecology practices of their data consumers.

African Languages: Assessing the text input difficulty

Communication with electronic text based devices is prolific in this era of globalization. In many socio-cultural contexts the ability to input digital text undergirds sustainable social practice of literacy. Simons and Lewis (2010) describe the …

Language Archiving and Data Ecology

A look at the archival of lexicons and what scholars think is an “archive”.


Ponderings on linguistics fieldwork training.