Copyright and the distributed lexicon

I present on the risks associated with large community projects with regard to the implications of Copyright. I also present some risk mitigating strategies.

TEI Lexicon Bibliography

This is a short non-exhaustive bibliography of lexicon projects which have tested or opted to use the XML TEI format for their data. Alessi (n.d.) Alessi, R. (n.

U̠t-Ma'in Lexicography

A collaboration with Becky Paterson to organize the various layers of U̠t-Ma’in linguistic data into a shareable resource.

Lexical Dataset Archiving: An Assessment of Practice

Bird and Simons (2003), Johnson (2004), Nathan (2011), and Holton (2012) all emphasize the importance of archiving language artifacts. Woodbury (2003) suggests that lexical database resources should become part of the preserved documentary evidence - …

Language Archiving and Data Ecology

A look at the archival of lexicons and what scholars think is an “archive”.

Process for Evaluating the Archiving of Lexical Datasets

An evaluation flow for evaluating data responses about archived lexical datasets.

Getting things out of FLEx: Dictionaries in multiple modes

Workshop presentation on exporting content from FLEx. The workshop was focused on helping mother tongue speakers in Malaysia to produce dictionaries using FLEx software.