OLAC Subject Terms and Their Equivalents

An initial look issues in developing a cross-walk between Library of Congress Subject Heading terms to OLAC subject terms.

Work-for-Hire and Open Access

Are academic publishing practices actually attributing the right copyright holder?

Writing System Versions

An outline of some of the things to track when making a writing system history database.

Converting FLExText Files to XLingPaper Interlinear Texts

Let’s assume that we have a generous friend who has gifted us an interlinearized text from FLEx with morpheme level glossing in the format of .flextext. (.flextext is an XML formated file.

Describing Serials in Dublin Core

A short bibliography of works to consult when looking at how to describe serials in Dublin Core.

PDFs from Webpages

A workflow for creating SVG images from PDFs

Non-Google Collaboration Tools

A short list of collaboration tools which are non-Google centric

Nigerian Snake

An unexpected encounter with a snake.

Characters: Trying to get the Concepts Straight

Initial release of an infographic for explaining the Unicode model.

Process for Evaluating the Archiving of Lexical Datasets

An evaluation flow for evaluating data responses about archived lexical datasets.