OLAC: Multi-Audience Service Architecture

OLAC technical infrastructure needs to be build as three seperate interacting systems. Each system with a unique function related to data: Harvesting, Enhancing, Engagement.

OLAC Usage Data

The first step in creating a useful interaction around archival records related to languages it to watch how users are behaving in current search.

Listings a LaTeX Module for Typestting Code

Testing Listings with OLAC XML code.

OLAC Validator

Considering changes to the OLAC validator.

An Application of OAI Sets for OLAC

Several examples of how OAI sets could be used or leveraged for use in OLAC.

Dublin Core DCMIType Chooser

Figuring out the DCMIType for a described resource.

Dublin Core Namespaces

Why don’t Dublin Core namespace urls resolve to an XSD?

Wishlist for XLingPaper

Two features I would add to XLingPaper.

OLAC Translations

Does the embrace of the vocabularies increase with translations?

Keyboard Comparisons Across Languages — Charted

A Chart showing the ranking of different keybard layouts on a multi-lingual corpus.