Dublin Core DCMIType Chooser

Figuring out the DCMIType for a described resource.

Dublin Core Namespaces

Why don’t Dublin Core namespace urls resolve to an XSD?

Wishlist for XLingPaper

Two features I would add to XLingPaper.

OLAC Translations

Does the embrace of the vocabularies increase with translations?

Keyboard Comparisons Across Languages — Charted

A Chart showing the ranking of different keybard layouts on a multi-lingual corpus.

OLAC Roles and MARC Relator Role Equivalents

An initial look at issues in removing OLAC roles and replacing them with MARC roles.

Metadata Quality Assessment & OLAC

A reflection on OLAC metadata quality assessment processes after readings for course work at UNT.

Some questions on the theory presented in the Dublin Core

If we take a design look at Dublin Core, is it really as flexible as proclaimed or are there limits imposed by semantics.

OLAC Term Consolidation

A quick look at how OLAC can benefit from term consolidation.

OLAC Customer Segments

What are the segments and what value do they find? What are the technology implications?