Defining Language Revitalization

This poster visually presents the various ways in which the term “language revitalization” and “language development” conceptually differ.

Orthographies with Punctuation-like Letters Indicating Tone

This poster presents a map of the language ares whose orthogrpahies have Punctuation-like Letters Indicating Tone.

Where Have All the Collections Gone?

The Open Language Archives Community (OLAC) aggregator currently compiles 443,217 records from 65 providers. Participating archives each provide Dublin Core metadata via an OAI feed.Based on the needs of both linguists and language community members, …

Lexical Dataset Archiving: An Assessment of Practice

Bird and Simons (2003), Johnson (2004), Nathan (2011), and Holton (2012) all emphasize the importance of archiving language artifacts. Woodbury (2003) suggests that lexical database resources should become part of the preserved documentary evidence - …

Challenges of Implementing a Tool to Extract Metadata from Linguists: The Use Case of RAMP

In January 2011, SIL Internationalʼs archive launched a corporate instance of DSpace as part of a larger and ongoing effort to digitally archive language data and resources. Along with that instance of DSpace, it also launched a software application …