Defining Language Revitalization


Many ethnolinguistic communities desire to strengthen community bonds and identity through a shared but growing knowledge of their historical language practice. Many times this is labeled Language Revitalization. However, this term is anchored linguistically and cognitively in past experience. A past-based anchoring can have limiting impacts on future pathways of evolution. I suggest that through an analysis of language revitalization practice that a more liberating and open-ended framing is captured by the term Language Development. Language development respects the intentional activities a community takes regarding their communication activities and prepares a community to secure the needed infrastructure for flourishing across their community.

Defining Language Revitalization
University of Oregon Graduate Research Forum
February 2023

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Paterson III, Hugh. 2023. Defining Language Revitalization. Poster presented at the Universty of Oregon Graduate Research Forum, 16 February.

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Hugh Paterson III
Hugh Paterson III
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