Defining Language Revitalization

This poster visually presents the various ways in which the term “language revitalization” and “language development” conceptually differ.

Nigerian Snake

An unexpected encounter with a snake.

Language Survey

Rethinking language survey by looking at where audiences are headed, rather than where they are from.

African Languages: Assessing the text input difficulty

Communication with electronic text based devices is prolific in this era of globalization. In many socio-cultural contexts the ability to input digital text undergirds sustainable social practice of literacy. Simons and Lewis (2010) describe the …

Characters: Trying to get the Concepts Straight

Initial release of an infographic for explaining the Unicode model.

Curation workflow networks at the Language & Culture Archives

A first effort attempt to create a meaningful flow diagram from curation data.

The SIL Archive and its Two Sided Markets

I present a new diagram illustrating the players and motivations around language archives and the knowledge market place.