Curation workflow networks at the Language & Culture Archives

This network diagram shows the flow of resources curated by different curator for different collections at the Language & Culture Archives. Clearly some curators are busier than others, and some collections recive more submissions. The network graph was created using Gephi. This particular graph did not make it into the Hawaiʻi version of the poster, but did make it into the UND version of the poster. If I were to try and visualize this data again I might try and use a Sankey diagram. I would seperate out submissions (by file), curators (by person), and collections.

Network graph of LCA workflow curation data.

Network Diagram
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Hugh Paterson III
Hugh Paterson III
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I specialize in bespoke research at the intersection of Linguistics, Law, Languages, and Technology; specifically utility and life-cycle management for information products in these spaces.