Regulating the US Consumer Data Market: Comparing the Material Scope of US Consumer Data Privacy Laws and the GDPR

Privacy laws in the USA, are they different from GDPR?

An OLAC Perspective on Services: The Forgotten Language Resources

Orthographies with Punctuation-like Letters Indicating Tone

This poster presents a map of the language ares whose orthogrpahies have Punctuation-like Letters Indicating Tone.

Nonprofits and Privacy Practices

This paper looks at differences in US law within a context of nonprofit risk managment.

Archives: Features without a business plan

We argue that language archives need to revise their business plans to stay relevant with the academic market and data ecology practices of their data consumers.

Nigerian Snake

An unexpected encounter with a snake.

Language Survey

Rethinking language survey by looking at where audiences are headed, rather than where they are from.

Phonetic transcription of tone in the IPA

Is the IPA really a phonetic transcription system when it comes to tone? Or must it force a user to make a phonological evaluation?

Some Gesture “Wordlists” from Northwest Nigeria

A couple of hand gestures taught to me by my friend.

Curation workflow networks at the Language & Culture Archives

A first effort attempt to create a meaningful flow diagram from curation data.