The Bridge

A Haverford Classics Project Supporting Language Learning.

Multilingual Metadata & Metadata Translation

A University of North Texas course work project looking multilingual metadata and metadata translation.

NFT Description

A Royal Protocol project to use vocabulary to provide a description context to NFT assets.

Open Language Archives Community Research

A detailed look at information structure and technology issues in the OLAC community.

Privacy Policy Framework

A research undertaking at the U of O to look at privacy policy within the United States and gaps in the framework as it is experienced in Oregon.


A software oriented collaboration improving the ease of scholarly publication in linguistics.

Language Documentation Collections: Assessment and Recognition

We edited a special collection at the Journal of Open Humanities Data which addressed the issue of Language Documentation Collections: Assessment and Recognition.

Kainji Bibliography

An essential resource for anyone doing research in Kainji langauge speaking areas.

u̱t‑Maꞌin oral histories and narratives

A project collecting Narratives and wordlists from the various lects of the u̱t‑Maꞌin language.

Chepang annotated bibliography

Taking an interdiciplanary look at science and language.