Kainji Bibliography

An essential resource for anyone doing research in Kainji langauge speaking areas.

u̱t‑Maꞌin oral histories and narratives

A project collecting Narratives and wordlists from the various lects of the u̱t‑Maꞌin language.

Chepang annotated bibliography

Taking an interdiciplanary look at science and language.

RefLex User Interaction Design

Strategy, technology, and user interaction consultation about RefLex.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Working with several collaborators on Automatic Speech Recognition for low-resource tone languages.

Business Maturity Canvas

Discussing the business maturity of an ongoing business idea and a business in operation is a frequent task of IDX. This canvas was designed to facilitate that conversation.

Dan Bibliography

An essential resource for anyone doing research in Dan langauge speaking areas.


Working within SIL’s Ideation and Experimentation incubator to produce a product which gives real time language use and valuation metrics derived from a graph based architecture of known relationships.

U̠t-Ma'in Lexicography

A collaboration with Becky Paterson to organize the various layers of U̠t-Ma’in linguistic data into a shareable resource.

Legal issues in linguistics, Language Documentation & Language Development

Clarifying what ‘rights holders’ actually have to hold, and what ‘uses’ of language are provided for and protected under law and practice.