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In this research project I look at the information architecture supporting the global ability to assess language resources. I look at issues such as metadata schemas, description and arrangement in archives, and the technology stack presenting OLAC. I started intently looking at OLAC resources at the end of 2020 while looking at language archives more broadly and trying to create an OLAC OAI feed. Since then I have presented at conferences and published results of my findings in several locations as my findings have bearing on the broader areas of resource stewardship and resource description. I was invited by Steven Bird to think with him on what OLAC 2.0 might look like. That work, its results and blog posts are also linked to this “project” page.

Hugh Paterson III
Hugh Paterson III
Collaborative Scholar

I specialize in bespoke research at the intersection of Linguistics, Law, Languages, and Technology; specifically utility and life-cycle management for information products in these spaces.