OLAC and Serials: An Appraisal


This paper reports on how journal articles are presented within the Open Language Archive Community’s (OLAC) OAI-PMH aggregator for language resources. It discusses metadata record composition across data providers. The conceptual category of “Language resource” is a broad agglomeration including original creative works captured in handwritten, audio, and video mediums, annotations to the raw captures, and analysis of those annotations. Discovery of language resources is a challenge given the diversity of resource origins. Original creative works and annotations are products often available via archives while analysis, theory, and advice are often released via formal publishing venues such as journals. Scholars benefit from a view where resources from various release sources can be displayed with their inter-resource relationships, e.g., source material and analysis. Understanding how secondary journal materials are presented in OLAC records is a first step towards increasing the end-user utility of the OLAC aggregator.

30 Jun, 2023 11:30
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Hugh Paterson III
Hugh Paterson III
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