Peer Reviewed

Considering WEMI and the Digital Artifacts Around Language Documentation Transcripts

How should we describe transcripts within the OLAC framework?

Proto-Malayo-Polynesian: Some Phonetic Evidence for *l

I challenge the status quo reconstruction for Proto-Malayo-Polynesian, given evidence from nine Philippine Languages.

OLAC and Serials: An Appraisal

Three ways to imporve the indexing of serials within OLAC.

Towards Making Shared Metadata Interoperable across the Open Language Archives Community

Two ways to reference the source metadata schema used by OLAC providers.

Diversity and Identity: Categories for OAI data-providers in the Open Language Archives Network

This paper proposal presents an analysis of research involving a network of Open Archive Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) data-providers who engage in ethnolinguistic information-resource stewardship.

Arrangement and Relationships Between Audio and Transcripts

Cataloging audio and its transcripts in a WEMI model within a Dublin Core framework.

On the Boundaries of Reported Speech in Western Subanon

We analysed several texts of Western Subanon and presented their results.

Supporting Diversity Through a Typology of Data Providers: What is an Archive?

Is everything an archive? Are there limits to the term? How are linguists using the term?

A Vision for New Participation in OLAC: Beyond an Agenda for Open Language Archiving

The OLAC community has several componnets which make it successful. This talk looks at several critical areas which make that succes more valuable.

OLAC Collections: The Case of Serials

A look at indexing serials in OLAC.