Considering WEMI and the Digital Artifacts Around Language Documentation Transcripts


This paper discusses time-aligned textual transcriptions and the relationships between them and other files to which they relate. It addresses critical questions about the independent nature of transcriptions and annotations as independent works under WEMI models. Arguments are presented for an analysis where transcriptions are independent expressions if not also independent works. According the Dublin Core 1:1 principle this means that Dublin Core based metadata schemas should support these resources with a separate description record. However, from a file based perspective these resources are not always a single file.

8 Nov, 2023 10:40
Daegu, South Korea

There will be a full published paper in addition to the presentation.

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Hugh Paterson III
Hugh Paterson III
Collaborative Scholar

My research interests include Typological Patterns in articulatory phonetics, User Experience Design in language tools and Graph Theory applied to language and linguistic resource discovery.