A Vision for New Participation in OLAC: Beyond an Agenda for Open Language Archiving

The OLAC community has several componnets which make it successful. This talk looks at several critical areas which make that succes more valuable.

OLAC Collections: The Case of Serials

A look at indexing serials in OLAC.

Metadata for Language Learning Resources: Advancing OLAC for Language Development

The mash-up of LRMI and OLAC metadata for the benefit of language revitilization.

An OLAC Perspective on Services: The Forgotten Language Resources

What is the overlap between services and language resources? How ought these be described in the OLAC application profile?

OLAC Term Consolidation

A quick look at how OLAC can benefit from term consolidation.

OLAC Customer Segments

What are the segments and what value do they find? What are the technology implications?

OLAC Social Network

What is the best way to assess the health of the Open Language Archives Community network?

OAI-Sets for OLAC

Can OAI-Sets be employed to leverage collection information?

OLAC and Unicode Errors

A short summary of some Unicode errors in OLAC rendering pages.

The Open Language Archives Community (OLAC) for Ethnolinguistic Collections

Presenting OLAC for Audio Archivists