Considering WEMI and the Digital Artifacts Around Language Documentation Transcripts

How should we describe transcripts within the OLAC framework?

Bridging Corpora: Creating Learner Pathways Across Texts

The Bridge, a linked data application supporting curriculum development is presented. It was developed with Latin in mind, but has been extended to Greek as well. It quickly helps instructors and students find new vocabulary words in newly assigned texts, based on texts they have already encountered in their curriculum.

LexR: a Preliminary Readability Metric for Latin

Looking for comprehensibility measures for latin texts.

Proto-Malayo-Polynesian: Some Phonetic Evidence for *l

I challenge the status quo reconstruction for Proto-Malayo-Polynesian, given evidence from nine Philippine Languages.

Dublin Core's DCMIType ‘PhysicalObject’ and its use across the Open Language Archives Community

This paper presents an analysis of research involving the use and validity of the DCMIType value ‘PhysicalObject’ in the OLAC network of data providers.

OLAC and Serials: An Appraisal

Three ways to imporve the indexing of serials within OLAC.

Towards Making Shared Metadata Interoperable across the Open Language Archives Community

Two ways to reference the source metadata schema used by OLAC providers.

Diversity and Identity: Categories for OAI data-providers in the Open Language Archives Network

This paper proposal presents an analysis of research involving a network of Open Archive Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) data-providers who engage in ethnolinguistic information-resource stewardship.

Regulating the US Consumer Data Market: Comparing the Material Scope of US Consumer Data Privacy Laws and the GDPR

Privacy laws in the USA, are they different from GDPR?

Arrangement and Relationships Between Audio and Transcripts

Cataloging audio and its transcripts in a WEMI model within a Dublin Core framework.