An OLAC Perspective on Services: The Forgotten Language Resources


From the perspective of ethno-linguistic minority communities and those who work with them, finding pedagogical, descriptive, and primary documentation resources about their culture and language have never been easy. This has primarily been due to the lack of language-specific indexing of resources in libraries and archives. The Open Language Archive Community (OLAC) created a metadata profile and aggregator built upon Open Archive Initiative (OAI) protocol and Dublin Core Metadata Standard (DCMS) to address the lack of diversity in indexing language and culture resources. The aggregator supports discovery of resources with language as an entry point into the discovery process. This application profile is used by over sixty data providers. In this paper I address the lack of inclusion of services as identified by the DCMIType “Service” within the aggregated records. I discuss services from a typological perspective and explore how services can themselves be language resources. I propose that indexing services, specifically language resource services, is one way to increase diversity in records while connecting language communities with digital resources they can use in their language.

3 Oct, 2022 13:00
Held Online

There is a full published paper in addition to the presentation.

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Hugh Paterson III
Hugh Paterson III
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