Professional Development Notes

Jupyter with Python 3 on Ubuntu 16.04

How to install Jupyter with Python 3 on Ubuntu 16.04.

Typesetting Code in TeX with Minted

An experiment to control for linereaking in typeset code.

Converting FLExText Files to XLingPaper Interlinear Texts

A short note with commandline instructions for converting FLExText for inclusion into XLingPaper.

OLAC Extenstion for Zotero Types

This OLAC extenstion adds the ability to add a Zotero item type and validate that files have a valid item type.

PDFs from Webpages

A workflow for creating SVG images from PDFs

Reference Types in Zotero, BibTeX, and XLingPaper

A table comparing XLingPaper Reference Types with Zotero and BibTeX reference types.

Non-Google Collaboration Tools

A short list of collaboration tools which are non-Google centric

XLingPaper Upgrade on Linux

Steps needed when uprading XLingPaper on Linux.

EndNote X8: A Review

A review of EndNote X8 as I look to compare it with other products on the market.

Mass Import to Endnote

A way to get around EndNote’s limitation of online importing one file at a time.