Metadata Quality Assessment & OLAC

A reflection on OLAC metadata quality assessment processes after readings for course work at UNT.

Work-for-Hire and Open Access

Are academic publishing practices actually attributing the right copyright holder?

Describing Serials in Dublin Core

A short bibliography of works to consult when looking at how to describe serials in Dublin Core.

Scholarship as Social Work

A musing about the role of scholarship, diplomacy, and social work

Digital Materiality for Language Artifacts

A short bibliography of papers related to materiality and digital objects.

Estimated Growth Rate of Linguistic Literature

A quick estimate of how large the growth rate is in the Linguistic Literature.

Bibliography of select papers on 'ethics' and 'informed consent' in Linguistic research

A short initial research stab at discovering what has been discussed about ethics and informed consent.

Tone in Whispered Speech Bibliography

This is a short non-exhaustive bibliography of instigations and their reports when looking at tone in whispered speech.

Bibliography of select Philippine language descriptions

This is a short non-exhaustive bibliography of phonological descriptions of Philippine languages.

TEI Lexicon Bibliography

This is a short non-exhaustive bibliography of lexicon projects which have tested or opted to use the XML TEI format for their data. Alessi (n.d.) Alessi, R. (n.