Research Note

OLAC and Unicode Errors

A short summary of some Unicode errors in OLAC rendering pages.

OLAC — Bottom-up and Top-down

Various understandings of metadata profile for the Open Language Archive Community exist in the literature. But are they justified?

OLAC Subject Terms and Their Equivalents

An initial look issues in developing a cross-walk between Library of Congress Subject Heading terms to OLAC subject terms.

Writing System Versions

An outline of some of the things to track when making a writing system history database.


Some pointers in academic Tolkien studies.

Corpora, Collections, and Datasets

There has been some discussion of what constitutes a collection among language documentation practitioners. Johnson (Citation: Johnson, 2004, p. 142) Johnson, H. (2004). Language documentation and archiving, or how to build a better corpus.

Digital Materiality for Language Artifacts

A short bibliography of papers related to materiality and digital objects.

Estimated Growth Rate of Linguistic Literature

A quick estimate of how large the growth rate is in the Linguistic Literature.

Keyboard layouts across languages: A Text input analysis framework proposal

A thesis proposal for an M.A. in Linguistics at the University of North Dakota.

Legal Frameworks in Language Research

What legal framworks need to be considered when working with language data from a given community?