Research Note

OLAC Translations

Does the embrace of the vocabularies increase with translations?

Keyboard Comparisons Across Languages — Charted

A Chart showing the ranking of different keybard layouts on a multi-lingual corpus.

OLAC Roles and MARC Relator Role Equivalents

An initial look at issues in removing OLAC roles and replacing them with MARC roles.

Metadata Quality Assessment & OLAC

A reflection on OLAC metadata quality assessment processes after readings for course work at UNT.

Some questions on the theory presented in the Dublin Core

If we take a design look at Dublin Core, is it really as flexible as proclaimed or are there limits imposed by semantics.

OLAC in Search Results

Do all OLACs refer to the Open Language Archives Community?

OLAC and Unicode Errors

A short summary of some Unicode errors in OLAC rendering pages.

Dublin Core Challenges

What are some really practical things that I wish were more feasable with vanilla Dublin Core.

OLAC — Bottom-up and Top-down

Various understandings of metadata profile for the Open Language Archive Community exist in the literature. But are they justified?

OLAC Subject Terms and Their Equivalents

An initial look issues in developing a cross-walk between Library of Congress Subject Heading terms to OLAC subject terms.