Las Conexiones Externas e Internas


This paper sets up, in Spanish the names and places and the various socio-linguistic varieties of spoken Me’phaa. This paper appears as ‘chapter two’ or ‘volume two’ in the Me’phaa grammar files also known as the Me’phaa corpus. This corpus was the result of (mostly) Stephen A. Marlett. Others contributed specific components as credited. The corpus is electronically available via SIL Mexico’s website. These electronic working papers are updated aperiodically. New dates appear inside the papers, but no reference to older versions are made.

Las Conexiones Externas e Internas
SIL Mexico Working Papers in Linguistics
November 2011

Referenceable as:

Kevin L. Cline, Stephen A. Marlett, Hugh Paterson III and Mark L. Weathers. (November 2011) Las Conexiones Externas e Internas. En: Stephen A. Marlett (ed.) Los Archivos Lingüísticos Me’phaa. []

Steven A. Marlett
Steven A. Marlett
Linguistics Consultant

I teach, I write, I learn Seri, and I write.

Hugh Paterson III
Hugh Paterson III
Collaborative Scholar

My research interests include typological patterns in articulatory phonetics; User Experience design in language tools; and graph theory applied to language and linguistic resource discovery.