Some Geo-Linguistic Resources

SIL is well known for its language maps. Publicized and integrated with the Ethnologue. Here are some other projects or collections in Geo-linguistics.

Language/Linguistic GIS Projects was a ERSI based plotting of language regions and dialects from various linguistic maps take from the literature. These maps images were then plotted over geographical space. Currently what remains is available via GitHub.

An index of language Atlases by Prof. Dr. Alfred Lameli

The book (and series Volume 2 Language Mapping

Using ERSI from GMI My understanding is that they were violating the license from GMI and so SIL, who was the author of the GMI content, and then assumed GMI assets when the organization folded, asked that they comply with the license.

Other Digital/Web-based Mapping Projects beyond SIL A set of really nice looking tiles. A website of Geo-linguistic intrigue. Maps of areas within the former USSR/Russia. and historically has information about language atlases. has a variety of language maps for the UK.

Maps of language communities in the Middle East.

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