RefLex User Interaction Design

Strategy, technology, and user interaction consultation about RefLex.


I take pictures of the interesting places I go. This index gallery displays some of the images I have created. I particulary like large expances and fine detail. My subjects often include mountains, celestial bodies, light sources, and flowers. I am attracted by high contrasts, including in black and white images.

Business Maturity Canvas

Discussing the business maturity of an ongoing business idea and a business in operation is a frequent task of IDX. This canvas was designed to facilitate that conversation.

An Awesome list of Software for Endangered Languages

A Github collaboration to index open source software for minority or low resource languages.

SIL Communication Strategy Consulting

Strategy and technology consultation with SIL staff to develop interdepartmental communications strategy.

User Experience Consulting on

Worked with a team to bring modern features via Drupal 7 to the flagship website of SIL International.

Usability & Language Resource Stewardship

This project seeks to make known issues in Language Resource Accessibility. It is primarily concerned with two facets of accessibility 1) the User Experience related to interacting with archived content; and 2) the aggregation of item level metadata about language resources in collections.