Interdental approximant

Bibliography of select Philippine language descriptions

This is a short non-exhaustive bibliography of phonological descriptions of Philippine languages.

The Phonetic Status of the (Inter)dental Approximant

The (inter)dental approximant is a little-studied speech sound in the Philippines and Western Australia. In this paper, we document the articulation of the sound, providing acoustic and video data from Kagayanen and Limos Kalinga, respectively. The …

An Unlikely Retention

The (inter)dental approximant, which we symbolize as [ð̞], of the Philippine language Kagayanen has been claimed to be both phonemic and a retention from a proto language (Olson, et al. 2010)‡. It is the goal of this paper to demonstrate how the …

Repair Strategies Used with the Interdental Approximant in Some Philippine Languages

Note: The slides in this presentation were very similar to those used at ICAL-11 which was mostly the same presentation. This one took on a bit more of an Opimality Theory flavor.

Interdental approximant

An investigation and description of a rare and socially stigmatized speech sound where the tongue protrudes out of the mouth.