Language, Script, Orthography, and Text-input: Rating Text-input Difficulty Across Languages

A presentation of a looking at various factors for establishing a meaningful cross-language evaluation of text input tools.

Diversity and Typology Across OLAC Providers

Several publications have claimed that all Open Language Archives Community data providers are archives. However is this true?


A software oriented collaboration improving the ease of scholarly publication in linguistics.

Work-for-Hire and Open Access

Are academic publishing practices actually attributing the right copyright holder?

Estimated Growth Rate of Linguistic Literature

A quick estimate of how large the growth rate is in the Linguistic Literature.

Bibliography of select papers on 'ethics' and 'informed consent' in Linguistic research

A short initial research stab at discovering what has been discussed about ethics and informed consent.

Legal Frameworks in Language Research

What legal framworks need to be considered when working with language data from a given community?

U̠t-Ma'in Lexicography

A collaboration with Becky Paterson to organize the various layers of U̠t-Ma’in linguistic data into a shareable resource.

Language Survey

Rethinking language survey by looking at where audiences are headed, rather than where they are from.

Funding Language Documentation

Does the money we spend on ‘Language Documentation’ make a difference? I wonder if it wouldn’t be money better spent for language documentation and benefit to the academy, if organizations funding language documentation research for the academy would rather fund the collection of audio samples and video samples already appearning in grammars. In a way provide the support that modern grammars should have.