Work-for-Hire and Open Access

Are academic publishing practices actually attributing the right copyright holder?

Estimated Growth Rate of Linguistic Literature

A quick estimate of how large the growth rate is in the Linguistic Literature.

Bibliography of select papers on 'ethics' and 'informed consent' in Linguistic research

A short initial research stab at discovering what has been discussed about ethics and informed consent.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Working with several collaborators on Automatic Speech Recognition for low-resource tone languages.

Legal Frameworks in Language Research

What legal framworks need to be considered when working with language data from a given community?

U̠t-Ma'in Lexicography

A collaboration with Becky Paterson to organize the various layers of U̠t-Ma’in linguistic data into a shareable resource.

Linguistic Service Policies

Working in services design and web-data handeling, I see a lot of different policies and data handling practices. However should there some special set of practices related to language data? I am exploring this question in a github repository.

The OWL and the Rice Farmer

In a recent email I was asked by a European Linguistic Professional SIL Colleague about the ease of use of ELAN. Is ELAN easy enough to use, so that an Indonesian rice farmer can use it?

Audio Dominant Texts and Text Dominant Audio

Should there be a display difference between read texts and oral texts which are not read?

SEO Considerations for Linguistic Resources

SEO for standard websites is pretty straight forward. I happen to be working on a website redesign (in Drupal) which presents Linguistic resources both published and unpublished. I recently came across two specialized SEO options which are useful: