Text input issues for under-resourced languages: with special notes on Eastern Dan

Automatic Speech Recognition

Working with several collaborators on Automatic Speech Recognition for low-resource tone languages.

The Death of Victor Hugos

Production of digital literature minimally requires (1) an orthography and (2) a text input mechanism. Many talk about orthography, but few talk about how minority-language users experience their orthographies during the typing process. With a …

Tone in Whispered Speech Bibliography

This is a short non-exhaustive bibliography of instigations and their reports when looking at tone in whispered speech.

Keyboard layouts across languages: A Text input analysis

Proposal Digital language death is a real issue for many small and under-resourced languages. To use Kornai’s (2013) terms, the digital moribund state of languages is accelerated by the lack of intuitive and useful text input methods for many minority and under-resourced languages.

Phonetic transcription of tone in the IPA

Is the IPA really a phonetic transcription system when it comes to tone? Or must it force a user to make a phonological evaluation?

Phonetic transcription of tone in the IPA

When conducting fieldwork on tone languages, the linguist choosing to use the IPA to make phonetic transcriptions of tone is presented with a challenge: Current methods of tone transcription in the IPA require a degree of …