Eugene, Oregon

Diversity and Typology Across OLAC Providers

Several publications have claimed that all Open Language Archives Community data providers are archives. However is this true?

Nonprofits and Privacy Practices

This paper looks at differences in US law within a context of nonprofit risk managment.

Website License vs. Content License

Various understandings of metadata profile for the Open Language Archive Community exist in the literature. But are they justified?

Characters: Trying to get the Concepts Straight

Initial release of an infographic for explaining the Unicode model.

Are we upfront with the consumers of our services?

A visual example of a notice about legal applicability.

The SIL Archive and its Two Sided Markets

I present a new diagram illustrating the players and motivations around language archives and the knowledge market place.

Learning Resource Metadata for Linguistic & Language Resources

This project creates DCMI application profile using LRMI, DC, OLAC, and proprietary SIL metadata schemas.

Socio-linguistic Profiles for Language Documentation

Where is the moral responsibility in language documentation for protecting privacy?