Semantics of u̱t‑Maꞌin noun classes

I explore evidence for semantic cohesion and semantic assignment criteria to U̱t‑Maꞌin noun class pairings, the distribution of loanwords semantic regularities, and the distribution of verbal nouns throughout the noun classes.

University of North Dakota MA Defense

A presentation and defense of my MA thesis — The noun class system of u̱t‑Maꞌin, a West Kainji language of Northwestern Nigeria .

Research on u̱t-Ma'in noun classes

A first look at the u̱t-Ma’in noun class system: noun affixes and agreement morphology. Includes preliminary insight regarding semantic criteria that are active in the morphological system.

Nominalization and Auxiliaries in u̱t‑Maꞌin

A presentation of preliminary research on the use of nominal forms in u̱t‑Maꞌin auxiliary constructions.

u̱t‑Maꞌin SIL comparative African wordlist

Handwritten field notes from the elicitation of the SIL comparative African wordlist in u̱t‑MaꞌRor (1700 words).