Keyboard File Types

This post attempts to list various kinds of keyboard layout files, and specifications.


As a text file

The included text file is included so that it can be refeenced by applications using BASH. If someone wants to make it a JSON array, fork, and send a pull requests. Otherwise, ordering has been thoughtless. Formating has been <File extension> tab # Brief comment. tab See: space relevant URL.

As a table

File Extension Brief Comment Relevant URL
.keylayout OSX XML file for keyboard definition. See:
.bundle OSX set of files containing various parts of the keyboard information including Language Metadata. See:
.kmn Raw Keyman file See:
.kmx Compiled Keyman file See:
.kxx Compiled Keyman file See:
.xkb Linux keyboard file See: ;
.klc Raw keyboard layout file for MSKLC; Consider MSKLC See:
.msi Compiled installer for keyboard layout file for MSKLC. See:
.ahk AutoHotKey script file. See:
.kcm Native Keyboard Layout Files for Android. See:
.kl A the keyboard layout format for kAndroid. See:
.apk A packaged version of AnySoftKeyboard for Android. See:
.json This is technically a data format. Several JavaScript keyboard applications have use some sort of data serialization. This is used by JACKeyboards. See:
.xml CLDR data uses an XML Markup format. See: ;

List of file types

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