Text Input

Comparing Relative Typing Difficulties Across Languages Using Corpora

A presentation of a methodology for using parallel corpora to compare typing experiences.

Language, Script, Orthography, and Text-input: Rating Text-input Difficulty Across Languages

A presentation of a looking at various factors for establishing a meaningful cross-language evaluation of text input tools.

The Death of Victor Hugos

Production of digital literature minimally requires (1) an orthography and (2) a text input mechanism. Many talk about orthography, but few talk about how minority-language users experience their orthographies during the typing process. With a …

Keyboard layouts across languages: A Text input analysis framework proposal

A thesis proposal for an M.A. in Linguistics at the University of North Dakota.

Keyboard File Types

A cross platform list of the different files related to keyboard layouts.

African Languages: Assessing the text input difficulty

Communication with electronic text based devices is prolific in this era of globalization. In many socio-cultural contexts the ability to input digital text undergirds sustainable social practice of literacy. Simons and Lewis (2010) describe the …

Assessing the difficulty of the text input task for minority languages

Currently no framework exists to evaluate or rank the complexity of the text input task on a per orthography bases. We present on the challenges which must be addressed by a cross-language text input assessment framework. We discuss relevant user …

Keyboard layouts: Lessons from the Meꞌphaa and Sochiapam Chinantec designs

A chapter on designing keyboard layouts for tone marking languages following design principles of Dieter Rams.

Keyboard layout as part of language documentation: The case of the Me'phaa and Chinantec keyboards

Successful writing systems today depend on electronic input methods which can be easily used for producing printed or electronic material. This paper explores keyboard design issues involved in designing two keyboards for two different established …

Meꞌphaa and Sochiapam Chinantec Keyboards

Revolutionizing text input. We moved text input from being on a single OS via a non-unicode input method, to working on multiple OSes in Unicode.