Meꞌphaa and Sochiapam Chinantec Keyboards

This project formalized my interest in the text input problem. While doing text input for the Meꞌphaa language documentation project it was imperative to get Unicode encoded texts. I worked with Kevin Cline to create OS X and native Windows OS keyboards for Meꞌphaa writers. We used Ukelele to create the OS X keyboards and Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC) to create the Windows keyboards.

Upon hearing of my new found skills, language users from the Sochiapam Chinantec community asked me to make an OS X keyboard for their language. In both cases existing keyboard layouts were matched to synchronize the user experience across the OSes.

Some of the design choices in the original layouts did not make sense to me. Hence the birth of the The minority language typing experience project.

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Hugh Paterson III
Hugh Paterson III
Collaborative Scholar

My research interests include Typological Patterns in articulatory phonetics, User Experience Design in language tools and Graph Theory applied to language and linguistic resource discovery.