Wishlist for XLingPaper

I am typesetting a document which requires two things:

  • to typeset code
  • to typeset definition lists

These two things are possible to do in beautiful ways with LaTeX, a foundational tool for XLingPaper. However, the UI and packages in XLingPaper do not support XML Code (the type I most frequently use), and do not allow full access to styling definition lists.

My solution is to typeset these additional elements using Overleaf and then to include them in my document as a PDF within a figure. I have included some links here for reference.

Typesetting Code

It seems that the best typesetting code package for my needs is: (listings](https://ctan.org/pkg/listings?lang=en) I still need to figure out how to make my code look the way I want including the fonts needed.

Interesting fonts

Several things to consider is that I need to have a wide range of characters in my XML and I also need it to look like computer code. On the practical side, how to add fonts to Overleaf is important.

Fonts in consideration:

Definition Lists

Better Title Pages

One could always wish for better title pages in XLingPaper. But the existing solution is to create these in another application and then import them to the final PDF. It doesn’t mean that LaTeX can’t be used. I like this one.

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Hugh Paterson III
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