General introduction to the Materiality of Audio objects in the study of linguistics

Linguist have a unique relationship to audio artifacts. This relationship both drives the production of new audio artifacts and the perception of the usefulness of existing artifacts. While in attendance at the 2019 annual meeting of the Association …

Archives not Participating in OLAC

A list of archives with significant collections of language related audio and manuscripts, but without aggregating these language documentation resources to OLAC.

Audio File Formats - A follow up to the SIL internal conversation on the Linguistics Discussion List

On 06. March 2014 Andreas Joswig asked a provocative question on the Linguistics Discussion List about the qualifications of .mp3 audio formats. I quote our previous email correspondence here for context, and my final response which I hope is more …

Audio Digitization

SIL Americas Area project to digitize analogue audio mediums.