On Rights Management in Anthropological and Linguistic Sound Collections

Archivists and curators benefit from well-documented rights declarations and agreements in the provenance of artifacts. Linguists, folklorists, anthropologists, and increasingly computer scientists, during the course of their work may create large …

Media Rights for Organizations

This whitepaper is a simple introduction to legal concerns organizations which produce media should address. It addresses copyright, and creative commons licenses.

Work-for-Hire and Open Access

Are academic publishing practices actually attributing the right copyright holder?

Copyright and the distributed lexicon

I present on the risks associated with large community projects with regard to the implications of Copyright. I also present some risk mitigating strategies.

Legal Frameworks in Language Research

What legal framworks need to be considered when working with language data from a given community?

Website License vs. Content License

Various understandings of metadata profile for the Open Language Archive Community exist in the literature. But are they justified?

Legal concepts in linguistics, Language Documentation & Language Development

Clarifying what ‘rights holders’ actually have to hold, and what ‘uses’ of language are provided for and protected under law and practice.