Kainji Bibliography

An essential resource for anyone doing research in Kainji langauge speaking areas.

u̱t‑Maꞌin oral histories and narratives

A project collecting Narratives and wordlists from the various lects of the u̱t‑Maꞌin language.

Discourse reporting in African storytelling

Exploring grammatical patterns used for quotations in narrative texts.

u̱t-Maꞌin predication

Exploring the morphosyntax of verbal and nonverbal predication, negation, and the extensive use of nominalization.

u̱t-Maꞌin Pear Film research

A parallel corpus of Pear Film retellings from 9 speakers, across 3 u̱t‑Maꞌin varieties.

u̱t-Maꞌin verb research

This project focused on answering the question: “What is the distribution of verb forms in narrative discourse?”

SIL Americas Area Professional Development Platform

Implementation of Cornerstone OnDemand for SIL Americas Area

Mòoré research

Collaboration with Timbwaoga Aime Judicaël Ouermi, Sara Pacchiarotti, and Amos Teo, while enrolled in a 9 month field methods course.

Pipero research

Working alongside local speakers of Pipero to develop a writing system and language materials.

u̱t-Maꞌin noun research

Complex morphology and agreement patterns within the NP and beyond.