My trip to Minna


This short narrative recounts a personal experience of traveling from the language area to the state capital, arranging a brief meeting while there, and then returning to the language area. The text itself seems unremarkable. However, knowing the transportation context, makes this story worth telling. The journey is a minimum of 5 hours each way, the road is rough, and no one desires to have to make the return on the same day.

This story was told by Sunday John in a recording made in February 2013 in Tungan Magajiya, Niger State. It was transcribed in the orthography and translated into English by Sunday John into ELAN. I transcribed the text in IPA including tone marking and did morpheme-by-morpheme glossing and clause level annotation.

My trip to Minna
February 2013

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John, Sunday (Speaker) & Rebecca Dow Smith Paterson (Transcriber). 2013. My trip to Minna. Manuscript.

Note: Audio is unpublished.

Map of the trip to Mina.

Map of the trip to Mina Credit: GoogleMaps Screenshot

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Sunday John
Sunday John
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Speaker of the Ror dialect of u̱t‑Maꞌin.

Rebecca Paterson
Rebecca Paterson

My research interests include field linguistics, grammatical description, and translation.