Kambari Man


This short narrative tells of a man from the neighboring Kambari language community visiting the family of his wife. It is not clear whether the wife and wife’s family are U̱t‑Maꞌin speakers. It may be that this is told of a Kambari man visiting Kambari relatives. The man is served fried sweet potatoes that are too hot to eat. As a result he burns his tongue and begins to cry. However, to hide his error in eating food that was too hot, he gives an alternate reason for his tears, namely that he was thinking of the death of Jesus on the cross. His religious cover story is also the punch line of this humorous story.

Kambari Man
Nominalization and predication in U̱t‑Maꞌin
February 2013

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Yohanna, Ibrahim (Speaker) & Rebecca Dow Smith Paterson (Transcriber). 2013. Kambari Man. In Rebecca Dow Smith Paterson (Author) Nominalization and predication in U̱t‑Maꞌin. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Oregon. Eugene, Oregon. http://hdl.handle.net/1794/25259

Note: Audio is unpublished.

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Ibrahim Yohanna
Ibrahim Yohanna
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Speaker of the Ror dialect of u̱t‑Maꞌin.

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Rebecca Paterson

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