Some Works Created in XLingPaper

An Annotated Bibliography of XLingPaper Works


XLingPaper has been around since 2001 and has been the tool of choice for those who have sought solutions beyond the performance or limits of: MS Word, TeX, Markdown, OpenOffice, Pages, Pandoc, Scrivener and a variety of other tools. The scope of the bibliography is comprehensive—if it was built with XLingPaper, it can be included here. The purpose of this bibliography is to use XLingPaper to create a document which will help users identify how XLingPaper has been used to create works like they might want to create, i.e., to exemplify the diverse utility of XLingPaper. Therefore, the annotations note the unique typography, document structure, and content formats rather than any discussion, argumentation, or theory. To date the primary academic discourse presenting XLingPaper has been published as Simons & Black (2008), Black (2009), Black & Black (2012).

Some Works Created in XLingPaper
May 2021

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Paterson III, Hugh J., (Compiler). 2021. Some Works created in XLingPaper. Zenodo, ms [Version: v1.0]. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.4737712

Abstract Bibliography

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