TUG 2021 Abstracts

XLingPaper’s use of TeX Technologies


XLingPaper is a plugin to XMLMind, an XML editor designed for publishers. We describe XLingPaper’s development history and its dependencies on TEX packages for PDF creation. XLingPaper does three things. 1) It controls the user interface of a powerful tool, only allowing valid document sections to be inserted into a document, thus reducing user friction in the document production process. 2) It provides a constrained number of document sections which are relevant in the production of linguistically-oriented publications, e.g., grammars, dissertations, theses, journal articles, edited volumes, etc. 3) It exports documents to a variety of formats, e.g., PDFs, ePUB, OpenOffice Writer, HTML.

TUG 2021 Abstracts
December 2021

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Black, H. Andrew and Hugh J. Paterson III (2021) “XLingPaper’s use of TeX Technologies ”. TUGboat. 41(2): 208. https://tug.org/TUGboat/tb42-2/tb131abstracts.pdf

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Hugh Paterson III
Hugh Paterson III
Collaborative Scholar

My research interests include Typological Patterns in articulatory phonetics, User Experience Design in language tools and Graph Theory applied to language and linguistic resource discovery.

H. Andrew Black
H. Andrew Black
Software Programmer

In my retired life I write software for linguists. I focus on software supporting lexicography, grammar analysis, phonological analysis, and scholarly publication.