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A few weeks a go I put together a resource (“whitepaper”) outlining an economic strategy related to Open Educational Resources (OER) and mobile compatible resources. The purpose was to kickstart and provide ideas for the organization I work for to consider alternative models of information maintenance and dissemination. The following links are more or less my list of references which did not make into that paper.

Economically (in terms of information economy), the problem I see with CommonCore as it is implemented in the USA across grades 1-12, is that law and policy affect the kinds of resources being produced and subsequently also shared in these curriculum development co-op endeavors (OER). I think the impact is greater than originally anticipated (or perhaps not, perhaps this is a foreign policy move affecting exports of knowledge). The indirect impact of CommonCore on the consumers of these OER materials, is that when people from other countries consume Open Education Resources, they are consuming CommonCore. Thankfully, there is a lot of OER work going on at the university level and outside of the scope of CommonCore.

Also to note: OER works well with some subjects in which there is very little change; like science (chemistry and physics) or math. There is so much ground to cover in these subjects that OER makes sense. However, for subjects like linguistics, where models are proposed all the time, and subsequently challenged, it is harder to produce an OER resource with a lot of buy-in among educators.


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Open Linguistics Resources

Funding Models

Semantic Search and OER Discoverability

  • Design to Share: by Gwyn Shelle.
  • How Organizing Knowledge in Meaningful Ways Enhances Search and Supports Independent Learning Book Chapter in Metadata and Semantic Research, Communications in Computer and Information Science Volume 240, 2011, pp. 324-336.

Image adapted from Lumen Learning. (2014). Slide Show Presentation Open Education in the MOST Pilot Program. Credit: Lumen Learning

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Hugh Paterson III
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