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OLAC Term Consolidation

A quick look at how OLAC can benefit from term consolidation.

OLAC Customer Segments

What are the segments and what value do they find? What are the technology implications?

Name Authority Records and Personally Identifying Information

Does privacy really exist or is the discussion really only a means to an end?

OLAC Social Network

What is the best way to assess the health of the Open Language Archives Community network?

References in the IFLA-LRM Model

The IFLA-LRM model is missing an overt relationship between works. It should have one.

OAI-Sets for OLAC

Can OAI-Sets be employed to leverage collection information?

OLAC and Unicode Errors

A short summary of some Unicode errors in OLAC rendering pages.

Diversity and Typology Across OLAC Providers

Several publications have claimed that all Open Language Archives Community data providers are archives. However is this true?

OLAC — Bottom-up and Top-down

Various understandings of metadata profile for the Open Language Archive Community exist in the literature. But are they justified?

Some Thoughts on an Aggregator for Library Science Articles

A list of Library Science Journals.