SEO Considerations for Linguistic Resources

SEO for standard websites is pretty straight forward. I happen to be working on a website redesign (in Drupal) which presents Linguistic resources both published and unpublished. I recently came across two specialized SEO options which are useful:

  1. Integration with Google Scholar
  2. Aggregation with OLAC

Google Scholar

Google Scholar’s page on getting data into Google Scholar:

Biblo, a module for drupal which handles bibliographic data had something here.

This blog also has an interesting write up:

This means implementing the OAI-PMH protocol so that OLAC can harvest it. I am not sure how this is done exactly… but here is the link:

Hugh Paterson III
Hugh Paterson III
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My research interests include Typological Patterns in articulatory phonetics, User Experience Design in language tools and Graph Theory applied to language and linguistic resource discovery.