The Data Management Space for Linguists

This week I have been outlining the types of data that linguists need to be able to use and relate to each other as they do Language Documentation and Linguistic Research. I try to express these things graphically and then also express where some of the leading tools which SIL International is offering sit in the problem space.

The major categories I have found include:

  • Academic Publications
  • Elicited Language Data
    • Unstructured
    • Structured
  • Georaphical Data
  • Cultural observations
  • Sociolinguistic profiles

I try to draw out the specifics of these diverse data or content types in the included diagram.

The Data Management Space for linguists with SIL software.

The Data Management Space for linguists with SIL software. Credit: Hugh Paterson III

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Hugh Paterson III
Hugh Paterson III
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I specialize in bespoke research at the intersection of Linguistics, Law, Languages, and Technology; specifically utility and life-cycle management for information products in these spaces.