Language Documentation

The SIL Archive and its Two Sided Markets

I present a new diagram illustrating the players and motivations around language archives and the knowledge market place.

Learning Resource Metadata for Linguistic & Language Resources

This project creates DCMI application profile using LRMI, DC, OLAC, and proprietary SIL metadata schemas.

The Data Management Space for Linguists

Linguists and Language Documenters have a large variety of resources they engage with. They need to keep these all in an organized way and be able to work with related items.

Socio-linguistic Profiles for Language Documentation

Where is the moral responsibility in language documentation for protecting privacy?

Grants being aggregated in OLAC Search results

Grants applications can be a welth of information about the background of ethnolinguistic communities as well as a presentation of the framework for research outputs.

Meꞌphaa and Sochiapam Chinantec Keyboards

Revolutionizing text input. We moved text input from being on a single OS via a non-unicode input method, to working on multiple OSes in Unicode.

SEO Considerations for Linguistic Resources

SEO for standard websites is pretty straight forward. I happen to be working on a website redesign (in Drupal) which presents Linguistic resources both published and unpublished. I recently came across two specialized SEO options which are useful:

Metadata Dynamics for Linguistic and Sociolinguistic Corpora

This is an explanation of some diagrams I made at the LSA’s 2012 Satellite Workshop for Sociolinguistic Archival Preparation. They represent metadata cross cutting a corpus.

Headphones for Language Documentation

Headphones impact the perception of sound. They need to be contoled for like a variable in an experiment, within the context of Language Documentation.

EGIDS, SIL, and Language Documentation

In what ways is EGIDS a useful tool for directing the funding of language development projects?