Dublin Core's DCMIType ‘PhysicalObject’ and its use across the Open Language Archives Community

This study explores the composition of linguistic and anthropological language-focused artifact records which use the DCMIType term ‘PhysicalObject’. However, the results are broadly applicable to all users of Dublin Core. Dublin Core’s …

Dublin Core's DCMIType ‘PhysicalObject’ and its use across the Open Language Archives Community

This paper presents an analysis of research involving the use and validity of the DCMIType value ‘PhysicalObject’ in the OLAC network of data providers.

Diversity and Identity: Categories for OAI data-providers in the Open Language Archives Network

This paper proposal presents an analysis of research involving a network of Open Archive Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) data-providers who engage in ethnolinguistic information-resource stewardship.

OLAC: Multi-Audience Service Architecture

OLAC technical infrastructure needs to be build as three seperate interacting systems. Each system with a unique function related to data: Harvesting, Enhancing, Engagement.

OLAC Usage Data

The first step in creating a useful interaction around archival records related to languages it to watch how users are behaving in current search.

Supporting Diversity Through a Typology of Data Providers: What is an Archive?

Is everything an archive? Are there limits to the term? How are linguists using the term?

OLAC Translations

Does the embrace of the vocabularies increase with translations?

OLAC Roles and MARC Relator Role Equivalents

An initial look at issues in removing OLAC roles and replacing them with MARC roles.

Abstract and Table of Contents

A few motivated thoughts about the Dublin Core elements of abstract and tableOfContents.

Multilingual Metadata & Metadata Translation

A special presentation by Hugh Paterson III for INFO 5223 at the University of North Texas, Denton October 2022.