Supporting Diversity Through a Typology of Data Providers: What is an Archive?

I demonstrate how a researcher can use their personal website to advertise their publications and presentations in OLAC. We use open source technologies to take markdown files and convert them into a compliant XML feed. The result is greater exposure of one’s academic experience to those looking for language resources.

OLAC Translations

Does the embrace of the vocabularies increase with translations?

OLAC Roles and MARC Relator Role Equivalents

An initial look at issues in removing OLAC roles and replacing them with MARC roles.

Metadata Quality Assessment & OLAC

A reflection on OLAC metadata quality assessment processes after readings for course work at UNT.

Some questions on the theory presented in the Dublin Core

If we take a design look at Dublin Core, is it really as flexible as proclaimed or are there limits imposed by semantics.

OLAC Term Consolidation

A quick look at how OLAC can benefit from term consolidation.

OLAC in Search Results

Do all OLACs refer to the Open Language Archives Community?

Where Have All the Collections Gone?: Analysis of OLAC Data Contributors' use of DCMIType 'Collection'

Language materials, as commonly conceptualized by academics, are resources which specifically exhibit or provide evidence of a naturally spoken language. The modern area of academic practice known as language documentation has its roots in …

Dublin Core Challenges

What are some really practical things that I wish were more feasable with vanilla Dublin Core.

Diversity and Typology Across OLAC Providers

Several publications have claimed that all Open Language Archives Community data providers are archives. However is this true?